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"People of the Neretva" by Obrad Gluscevic


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Traditional songs by folklore group "Metkovic"

Neretvian plain field
Oh, my tall poplar
Moonlight on the Neretva

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Why a nature park will help Neretva Delta?

The Park will help preserve the natural values of the area

Neretva Delta still includes some interesting spots of wetland. Wetland ecosystems are extremely important for the conservation of biodiversity since they can host many different plant and animal species. For this reason the Neretva area is internationally recognized as a Ramsar site  and an  Important Bird Area. The Park will help protect these values which constitute the richness of the area.

The Park will help the people of Neretva Delta improve their products and activities

 Agritourism, biological agriculture, traditional way of life and environmental education will be sustained by the Park.

The Park will help the people of Neretva Delta promote the economic development of the area

It will promote sustainable tourism in the area and add value to its natural characteristics, historical importance, traditional local products and activities. The presence of the Park will attract more tourist interest in naturalistic values and in the preservation of nature.

Mouth of river Neretva - special ornithological and ichtiologic natural reserve Modro oko and Desne lake, protected landscape A panoramic view on Bacina lakes A panoramic view on Ploce bay During the winter birds rest on sandbanks of the mouth of Neretva A panoramic view on the Adriatic sea and the peninsula of Peljesac Meliorated area on the lower part of Neretva Delta Lake Modro oko (Blue eye), a source of drinking water Lower part of Neretva Delta viewed from Babina gomila (734 m) A panoramic view of Delta from fortress above city of Opuzen. Note: very wide picture. Lake Kuti with cane fields and wet meadows, proposed natural reserve. River Mislina and partly meliorated area. The picture taken from Marin vijenac (507 m) Bijeli Vir (White Whirlpool) and source of fresh water Special ornithological reserve of Prud Special ornithological reserve of Podgrede Snow is very rare in Delta. Frozen wet meadows near Metkovic in January 2005. City of Klek and Peljesac peninsula viewed from fortress Smrdengrad. River Neretva is navigable from Metkovic to the river mouth (20 km) Urbanized part of Delta southern of Metkovic with meanders of old river bed Orepak - special ornithological natural reserve Podgrede - special ornithological natural reserve Brackish lake Parila on the mouth of Neretva, proposed natural reserve Lake Kuti, proposed natural reserve

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proposed natural park

protected natural reserves

proposed natural reserves
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Traditional fishing in a little boat (trupa)

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Houses renewed in traditional style

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