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"People of the Neretva" by Obrad Gluscevic


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Traditional songs by folklore group "Metkovic"

Neretvian plain field
Oh, my tall poplar
Moonlight on the Neretva

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How to get there?

By airplane

The closest airports to Neretva Delta are the international airports in Split in Dubrovnik. From the road junction in Opuzen it's 110 km to Dubrovnik airport, and 140 km to the airport in Split. Many busses leave daily from Split and Dubrovnik for towns around Neretva, like Metkovic, Opuzen and Ploce.

You can also use the airports in Mostar and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). It's 170 km to Sarajevo from the border crossing in Metkovic, and it's 40 km to Mostar.

By train

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The towns of Metkovic and Ploce have railway stations where trains arrive from Zagreb and Osijek (via Sarajevo).

It is also possible to take a train from Rijeka to Split, and then take the main tourist road to the Neretva valley.

Autorack cars can be found on trains travelling between Zagreb and Split.



By ship

Ferry cars travel from the Italian coast to Split from Ancona and to Dubrovnik from Bari.

The road distance from the road junction in Opuzen to Split is 120 km, and to Dubrovnik it's 90 km.

By car

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The fastest way to reach the Neretva valley is to take the new motorway to Split, then contiune on the main Adriatic tourist road E65 (D8). The section of the motorway between Split and Ploce will be finished by 2008.

If you are travelling through Hungary the closest route is through Bosnia and Herzegovina via Sarajevo to the border crossing in Metkovic and on to road D9.

A corridor 5C motorway between Budapest and Ploce is planned to be built in the future.

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