Video clips from documentary
"People of the Neretva" by Obrad Gluscevic


Ladja & trupa


Traditional songs by folklore group "Metkovic"

Neretvian plain field
Oh, my tall poplar
Moonlight on the Neretva

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Tour of the Delta – on the ground

The mouth of the Neretva Trovro hill near Rogotina Sisin-Strimen Orepak-Vid Marin vijenac Slivno Sljeme

If you want to enjoy the landscapes of Neretva Delta we suggest you take some walking and cycling routes.

The cycling routes follow minor country roads. Some tracts are asphalted and can be covered by an ordinary city bike. Some tracks are not asphalted so a mountain bike is recommended.

Walking routes mainly use foot paths. Some of them can be covered by mountain bike. The routes are easily visible but not always marked.

Click on a route to view a detailed description and map.

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Tour of the Delta
on water

Click on a route marked with red number to view
a detailed description
and map

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