Video clips from documentary
"People of the Neretva" by Obrad Gluscevic


Ladja & trupa


Traditional songs by folklore group "Metkovic"

Neretvian plain field
Oh, my tall poplar
Moonlight on the Neretva

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Enjoy and become friends with Neretva Delta!

Enjoy the landscape, food, history and nature of Neretva Delta and help us keep it clean, by disposing of your waste properly!

Enjoy touring our region by boat and do not pick water plants and flowers nor disturb birds and animals!

Enjoy our local products and recommend them to your friends and families!

Enjoy Neretva Delta and send us an e-mail to share your impressions and suggestions with us!

Enjoy Neretva Delta also during the summer but be careful not to cause fire!  


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A fire in 2005 burnt the forest on the hill above Metkovic

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