Video clips from documentary
"People of the Neretva" by Obrad Gluscevic


Ladja & trupa


Traditional songs by folklore group "Metkovic"

Neretvian plain field
Oh, my tall poplar
Moonlight on the Neretva

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when: January - February

where: All places in Delta

The tradition of dressing up for the carnival can be found everywhere in Neretva Delta. The carnival, or poklade, lasts ten days and ends in burning a statue called Marko Krnjeval or Krnje, which is accused of all the troubles that occurred in the previous year. Larger towns organize a carnival parade and a masked ball in the evening.



List of main local events

January - February Carnival

March - April Eastern celebrations

May, Folklore Festival

July, 20th St Elias (Sveti Iljia )

July, last Saturday Brudetijada (Gastronomic competition)

August, 3rd St Stephan (Sveti Stjepan)

August, 5th Our Lady of Snow (Gospa Snjezna)

August, 2nd Saturday Traditional boat marathon (Maraton Ladja)

August, 15th Feast of the Assumption (Velika Gospa)

October November Tangerine picking Season


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